Monday, 10 September 2012

News: Table topping Killick wants Poole to play it again


TABLE topping Poole Town boss Tom Killick would wipe away the Dolphins’ strong start to the season to have another bite at the FA Cup cherry.

With his side leading the Southern League South and West table with four wins and a draw from their five games, Killick amazingly said this week that he would play all the games again in an effort to win the league match at Taunton and the FA Cup match at Yate Town which Poole lost 5-0.

The defeat left Killick’s charges kicking their heels this weekend prior to a trip to Beaconsfield SYCOB in the FA Trophy and the ultra-competitive Tatnam chief would turn back the clock if he could to seek a perfect record.

When asked if he would restart the season given the option, Killick told theonionsack: “Yeah, I think so, we’d have another good crack at the FA Cup and the points we dropped at Taunton.

“I would love to still be in the FA Cup, I know that’s a little bit picky but the Cup is so important financially and it gives us a weekend where we have no game, nothing to be involved in.

“The Cup for players and teams at our level is brilliant and going out was a huge disappointment and there is no point pretending otherwise but it is done now and our league form is very strong so that partially makes up for it at least.”

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  1. Once again Tommy speaks for all of us.
    We've won playing poorly at times which is the mark of a good team but we know that if we played those games again, we would still be top but with a chance of a run in the cup also.