Thursday, 12 July 2012

News: Poole Town boss Killick disappointed by four game ban

POOLE Town boss Tom Killick said he was "disappointed" after being handed a four match touchline ban to start the 2012-13 season.

The FA banned Killick at a non-personal hearing last month after he criticised the performance of the referee following the Dolphins' 1-0 win at Tiverton Town in April.

The suspension that will include Poole's trip to Yate Town in the FA Cup Preliminary Round as well as their start to the league campaign.

Killick, who admitted the charge, was found to have breached Rule E3 - insulting words to a Match Official, but insisted that the punishment was over the top.

"I am disappointed because I went to the referee at the end of the game, shook him by the hand and said 'I thought you had a terrible game today'. I was calm and it was not said in an aggressive way. He said 'I'm reporting you for that'.

"I thought that if you were allowed to praise the referee, then you can criticise as long as it is in an appropriate manner, but it would appear that you're not allowed to do that. 

"You learn from it - if I don't think the referee has done well in future I won't be able to say anything at all - it's a bit strange.

"Shouting, swearing and being aggressive is clearly unacceptable, but every week I see other managers do what I did and 99 times out of 100 nothing is done, but some referees must be more sensitive than others."

Killick was also fined £75 on top of the touchline sanction. 

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  1. Tommy's passion is always gonna get him in trouble but we love him for it. If the refs did their job properly, there'd be no neeed for it.